On Sunday 25 June members of Benalla and Wodonga-Albury clubs attended a lighting workshop at our usual haunt at the Avon St Campus. 11 participants total with Keith O’Brien instructing. We had a couple of hours of preliminary instruction in the equipment we would be using, as well as techniques in communicating with our models re smiles and poses etc. We took it in turns to be a model, photographer and photographers assistant to give us a better outlook on the project.
After lunch our models arrived and we got down to some serious photography. Shanae Griffiths and Rebecca O’Hara from Shepparton and makeup artist Deon Malberg Costantino from Benalla were all great and I think everyone got some great photos.
Keith was very good, giving volumes of information, not only on the lighting but also where to find more info on the web, and places to buy the gear. The gear ranged in price for some reasonably priced gear to items only the very serious photographer would outlay the cash for.

Here are some of my efforts in the galleries opposite. Below are 2 images supplied by Keith showing that Monochrome is very effective for a portrait.

Many thanks to Keith and the girls for a great day.


There has been a lot of discussion recently about whether or not to score our monthly competitions or to just rely on the judges comments as an educational tool. Members feelings on the subject were pretty much 50/50 so it was decided to stick with the status quo and retain the scoring system.

However it was felt that the aggregate trophy was fairly irrelevant, as the result could be tied to whoever submits the most entries not the most quality.

It has now been decided that our scoring system will change for the 2018 year. The score will now be out of 15 instead of 20 as in the past. This brings us into line with most other clubs in Victoria.

At the time this was discussed, it was suggested that a new category 'Monochrome" be introduced. The committee has decided that this is a good idea and will be included in this years end of year awards.



A great day out at the Wandiligong Nut Festival. Fortunately the weather man was wrong and a mostly sunny day. The entries from Benalla have now been selected by the committee and will be posted as a special gallery shortly. A good job by all, we should do well. The Paatsch Shield Presentation Day is Sunday 13th August at the Wangaratta Club in Wangaratta commencing with Lunch at 12 noon.

Black Dog Ride

A great day out. We got to meet quite a few characters. Our club has been given a certificate of appreciation from the organizers. Note the proximity of some of the club to the coffee cart. Quite important at that early time.

         We finished up at the Myrtleford speedway, where we were welcomed to take some photos. Its not often a speedway will invite you to the centre of the speedway to take some photos.

Sylvia Baumgarten trying to figure what to photograph next

Sylvia Baumgarten trying to figure what to photograph next


BANNER - Big Red - Jen Fawkes