What's on in the area

There are a great deal of events in our area, and other parts of Victoria that go unnoticed for various reasons. All kinds of concerts, sporting events, wine tastings etc. Many of these are a great photography opportunity. There is a great website produced by the Victorian Government that has an amazing list of events. Go to www.victoria365.com.au and click on "High Country" for our area.

VAPS 2018 Conference

This year the conference is at Warnambool from 25 to 27 May and you can register for it now. Their website has full details and registration forms available now.

For our entries for the inter-club competition we need to have our entries selected by our March meeting. We are asking that you send us up to 4 EDI images by the Sunday prior to this meeting, the 4th March. By having these EDI images we can save you the cost of printing if your image is not selected.

Black Dog Ride 2019 on 17 March


Mark Greenhill and myself attended the ride. There were over 100 bikes and quite a few characters. Here are some of thew images.

BANNER - Big Red - Jen Fawkes